The CEO's Zoom with members 7pm Thursday 30 July 2020

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To launch the SomersetNorth discussion board here are some of the key points from this evening's presentation by CEO Gordon Hollins


  • How about everyone watches this before 7pm this evening?

  • To clarify the club is forecasting a loss in revenue of £1m for the period to 21 September 2021. This is based on the key assumptions that we have a full 2021 season and realistic assumptions in terms of revenue from conferencing, marketing, shop sales and membership revenue. This is calculated after taking into account the "significant" reductions in pay that the club staff have already taken. These are permanent reductions and not deferrals.

  • Gordon Hollins insight on the impact on the other counties is fascinating derived from his previous role at ECB. It also demonstrates why he wanted to come to Somerset. Somerset are, in his opinion, in the best place of all counties. For very different reasons the "test match grounds" and the smaller clubs will, in Hollins' opinion be hurting much more than Somerset are. The ask from the members in this context is very significant. Hollins made it clear that the club "needs some help"

  • Listening to this presentation by the CEO I am determined to do everything I can to help my club. I accept that I am fortunate that I can afford it and had planned to waive my membership whatever the club asked. I see it as a tiny amount in the context of the pleasure and joy my club has given me and my dearly loved and much missed late father. I cannot contemplate the thought of any of the first class counties going out of existence let alone my club.

  • Very sensibly the issue of "hero" has been addressed and acknowledged.

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    Why no rollover? It doesn't deal with the revenue shortfall just pushes the problem to next year. As a Chartered Accountant this is the answer I would have given. Equally the club's inability to commit to no increase in membership fees for 2021 is understandable given the uncertainties in the forecast that are beyond the club's control. The fact that the ECB funding is currently only confirmed until January 2021, an income stream of some £3.3m equating to 40 to 45% of the total, is clearly a matter of some concern to the club's management.

  • To quote Shaun Mundy "Thank you for the presentation impressive and persuasive. The live stream is a great substitute for those of us not able to attend in person (and will encourage me to continue my membership in future years, even though I can rarely get to the ground."

    Well said Shaun

  • Gordon Hollins' closing remarks make me even more certain that we have the right man in charge of our club.

  • Yes, “our club” ! Last season we were on holiday for the home game v York’s ( yes I know..,,,) anyway at the previous match i asked at Reception if they would save me a scorecard- no problem. Went along to Reception when we got back there it was waiting for me with my name on it. That customer awareness /!attitude makes it “our club”

  • Final thoughts - reflecting on the call last evening. The situation is serious but the early action that has been taken and the financial modelling that has been done in obvious detail is a very good sign. It is exactly what I have been doing with my clients since March of this year. The fact that the players and staff have all taken pay cuts is hugely appreciated and needs to be applauded. While it is understandable that some members cannot afford to allow the club to retain their 2020 membership or make further contributions to the club, anything we as supporters can do in this regard will make a difference.


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