Somerset v Leicestershire County Championship July 4th - 7th 2021

Despite Steve not speculating on the lineup - what are your thoughts?


  • Just wanted to record my brief thoughts on today’s fireworks from Messrs van der Merwe, Davey and de Lange. Three words would sum it up for me I guess: ‘crazy’, ‘calm’ and ‘outrageous’. Boundaries all around the ground, even 4 head byes off Marchant’s helmet, the odd miscall on a run, and the obvious changes in the body language of the bowlers especially Barnes and Parkinson. Gradually the mood of the crowd changed from one of concern after the events of yesterday afternoon to a buzz of excitement when Marchant was on strike, counting off the 50s as the batting points accrued.

    The three wickets in the afternoon further contributed to what was clearly Somerset’s day.

    In the words of Max Boyce ‘I know….cos I was there’

  • Seems rather empty after today’s events

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