Was that Somerset's best ever win in the County Championship

I'm wracking my brains for a bigger turnaround. Edgbaston 2019 was pretty impressive but Lords 2021 trumps that in my mind. What do you think.


  • Probably not on the same scale as yesterday or Edgbaston but the match v Kent last year at the CACG was quite a fightback to come out on top in the end - with George Bartlett and Lewis Gregory delivering some great 2nd innings performances


  • Must be up there with the best. I liked what I saw and believe lessons were learned. Four ingredients to success. Talent. Tick. Belief/winning mentality. Tick. Bowlers hunting in pairs (rather than running in to take wickets). Tick. Batting in partnerships (to wrest control from bowlers, by offering different challenges). Still a work in progress, but the concluding partnership in each innings showed the way.

  • It was a great win and further evidence of the strength of character within this group of players. It is difficult to gauge whether it is their best win, at the time and in the context of the season at the time I would suggest that Warwickshire in 2019 was more unexpected, but a loss versus Middlesex may have killed this season stone dead as we would have been sitting 29 points off the top after just 1 game. In view of this as we look back at the end of this season maybe the value/significance of this win may increase !

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