Don't Worry Tom, We'll Do The Emotion

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Tom Abell said on Charlie Taylor's Cricket Show last evening that it is important that the players take all the emotion that playing Essex out of their preparation for Lords.

I've got plenty of emotion to direct at Essex and will be writing about it in the next 10 days and I am sure other Somerset supporters are the same. I'd like to use this page on the forum to hear your unashamedly emotional thoughts ahead of the 23rd.


  • Yes lots of emotion re the Essex game but mostly directed towards the officials and ECB. The lack of communication and slowness of speed to get the game underway after rain breaks was remarkable. I spoke to several Essex supporters who showed no animosity towards SCCC at all - so i am really confused why ‘Essex’ complained about the pitch, was it players or management? How or if the 12 point deduction remains if a there is conference style competition next year remains to be seen.

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