Your support for our Captain Tom Abell

Tom has been under a lot of pressure and the interview last night showed the anguish he is facing.

Messages of support in this forum would be most appreciated!

thank you


  • I am unable to put into words how much respect and admiration I have for our captain. I just hope that next week the Taunton crowd show they are right behind him in the way only we can. #WeAreSomerset

  • Keep battling Tom ! Your attitude, passion and commitment to Somerset cricket is absolutely inspiring.

  • I urge all somerset supporters to get to the ground at the weekend to show support to Tom and the rest of the team. Tom is such a great leader and he is always bringing energy when he is on the field. Him and the team are going through a tough time at the moment and they need all the support they can get.

  • No captain of any team has more pride and passion. Sets a fantastic example on and off the field, and takes on a huge workload to help the side. I'm sure he'll be honest and admit he's made the odd tactical mistake this summer, but it's the responsibility of all the players and coaching staff to learn from this season. I'm still immensely proud of my club and captain, and I've no doubt that Tom will come back more determined than ever. Despite the nightmare of the last two weeks, I'm a long way from giving up hope that our skipper will one day lift that trophy. Chin up, skip!

  • Tom is exactly the man the club needs as it's leader. Back him and the team. Hopefully we can end the season well.

  • You’re a superb captain Tom & the team are right behind you. Ignore the negativity & enjoy your cricket.I’ve enjoyed the season immensely & true supporters are right behind you & the lads. Good luck for the rest of the season!

  • Tom you are the backbone of Somerset CCC, a superb role model and ambassador for the club, and an inspiration to many. Keep your head held high, and the results will come. We believe in you.

  • Tom Abell is, in my mind, genuinely the finest example of a sports person in any sport.

    I was fortunate enough to witness his maiden limited overs ton and was struck by just how long he spent talking to fans of all ages at the ground at the close of play. Soon after my son was lucky enough to get a place on a coaching day run by Tom and his genuine support for the youngsters was unbelievable - so much so that about 6 weeks later while my son was queuing for his autograph at the ground, Tom remembered him and took time to talk to him about the day. My son still wears Abell on the back of his replica shirt to this day.

    That interview Tom gave at Scarborough was the most honest and painful sporting interview I've seen. The pride, passion and hurt was written all over his face and in stark contrast to the empty, vacuous words from the England captain who had suffered a similarly disappointing defeat on the same day. I will say with certainty that we will never find a better captain than Tom - not just for his unquestionable skills with bat, ball and in the field; but because he is a Westcountry lad who cares about his team, his county and the fans above all else. Playing for SCCC is not just a job or a pay cheque - it is something that means the world to him. A rare quality in professional sports these days.

    Any true Somerset fan would be as disappointed as Tom was by the defeats to Yorkshire and Notts, but will also realise that sport has its high and low points. Any true Somerset fan will also realise that we are fortunate to have the best captain in world cricket - yes I really do believe that - leading a team that is full of camaraderie , spirit and talent. A captain and a team that all true fans are, and always will be, incredibly proud of.

    Drown out the noise on social media Tom, keep doing what you are doing. We all believe in you and the team and we know that under your leadership that coveted title is never too far away.

  • Never have I had more trust in and respect for a captain of Somerset CC than I do for Tom Abell. The man is a born leader, who was rightly picked out at such a young age. Whether he is batting, captaining or leading I have total trust in what he does.

  • And from Facebook

    Christopher Zetter: I support Tom and Somerset trough thick and thin that why l have been member now for twenty four years.

    Reuben Thatcher: He always sounds so caring and genuine whenever I have chatted with him at The Vale whilst watching the 2nd 11 play these last 3 or 4 years, I really hope he can captain us to at least 1 trophy soon, he certainly deserves too.

    Eric Taylor: Can't see a tribute from Liam Brown, but that would be against his narrative.

    I am going to the Warwickshire game from Scotland and will be right behind Tom and the lads.

  • And a few more from Facebook

    Pat Baker :Tom is the best captain we have had since Rosey

    Janet Langdale: I think Tom is great

  • You're an inspirational leader Tom and your appointment as captain was the best thing to have happened to this club for a long time. So impressed with your interview at Scarborough. Totally confident in your ability to lead the team through this difficult patch.

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